Our team  |  The people behind LigandTracer

Karl Andersson, PhD
Founder & Chairman

Karl is a problem-solver. Many years ago, Karl run into a cumbersome manual assay that would require him to be in the lab all night. To solve this problem, LigandTracer was born, next a company was started and now we have customers all over the world. When not working in the intersection of mathematics, engineering and biology, Karl builds houses.

Jos Buijs, PhD

Jos made his curiosity to press buttons and see what happens into his profession and has been developing instrumentation and methods to measure interactions for more than 25 years. Jos joined Ridgeview in 2013 as CTO and is now taking care of the daily business at Ridgeview Instruments. If not at work, Jos enjoys spending time in nature together with his family.

Hanna Björkelund, PhD
Chief Product Officer

Hanna has been with the company from the start, working on product and application development, and now coordinates the development of new and current products, with a focus on software. This includes the translation of customer needs and wishes into technical requests to our engineers and scientists, to ensure that our products meet customer expectations. In her spare time she designs and builds miniature furniture.

Sina Bondza, PhD
Principal Scientist

During her years of PhD research, Sina developed our highly appreciated immune cell assay as well as the advanced proximity assay. She is now heading the biological RnD team and contributes with her expertise in all ongoing projects. Outside the lab she does advanced acrobatic poses as part of her acroyoga exercise.

Anna Boström, MSc
Application Specialist

Anna investigates new applications and is not only ensuring that our products meet the quality standards but also pushes the quality to a higher level.  Outside the office (and the lab) she enjoys outdoor hiking.

John Strandgård, BE
Senior Software Engineer

John is mainly into the software development and maintenance but he also tinkers with the mechanical side of the products and production of hardware. The off time is spent on enginerding the farmstead.

Fredrik Leijon, MSc
Software Engineer

As part programmer, part mathematician, Fredrik helps sorting out some of the most intricate problems we come across, both in-house and in external software development projects. His specialties include machine learning and AI development.

Jonas Stenberg, MSc
Senior Sales Engineer

Jonas started his career at Ridgeview by optimizing LigandTracer Green, but later moved on to sales because of his natural ability to connect with people. Besides establishing and maintaining customer connections he is also a musician and you may know him as half of the duo Superwalkers.

Hadis Westin, PhD
Sales Scientist

Hadis international background in clinical and preclinical oncology is essential for understanding the journey from bench to bedside. With particular focus on the medical imaging field, she finds the best solution for each unique customer case.

João Encarnação, PhD
Sales Scientist

João enjoys challenges and has always liked exploring new things. Together with the rest of the sales team he develops sales and marketing strategies, connects client needs with product development and work with customers in sales activities.

Guillermo Perez, MSc
Early stage researcher

Guillermo is our newest recruit who researches on RNA induced behavior as a postgraduate within the European ITN project RNAct. As part of RNAct he collaborates with a large number of research groups and will be situated at different European universities throughout his PhD project. His life motto is “Tapas should be for free”.

Magnus Malmqvist, PhD
Board of directors

It is now 50 years since Magnus walked into the Department of Biochemistry at Uppsala University where he learned about new patented inventions like Sephadex, Sepharose and immobilization of proteins.  Since then he has founded Biacore and been part of the development of LigandTracer and Interaction Map from the very beginning.

Nils Fredrik Kaiser, PhD
Board of directors

Nils-Fredrik has been part of Ridgeview from the early days, always with commercial focus. His current role is to provide advice and support to the sales team, and to be part of strategic planning in the company board.

Viktoria Söderling
Sales Representative

Viktoria is a social person who enjoys meeting new people, which makes her perfect for her role as sales representative. She is currently on a break from Ridgeview due to political commitment.

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100% scientists

Each and every one in our team is hand-picked to meet the high standard of our products. All of us have a background in science, to ensure that we understand the needs and wishes of you, our client.

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Our team members are happy to assist whenever you need help. We take the time to truly understand your problem and offer flexible and personal support to make you satisfied.

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We are an international team with people speaking different languages – English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Persian, and Swedish.