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Affinity and kinetics

Study ligand-receptor interactions in real-time to learn about the affinity and kinetics

Knowledge about the affinity and kinetics of interactions is of great value when ranking drug leads, developing radiotracers or investigating a receptor system. Fit curves with the model that best describes the biology – most likely found in our large library of models.

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Accurate estimations of the binding kinetics and affinity are typically obtained from curves with two incubation phases and one wash-out phase. Here FITC-Rituximab binding to anchored B-cells (n=4).

Gained information

  • The affinity of the interaction (KD)
  • Kinetic rate constants (ka and kd)
  • The ligand residence time (t1/2)
  • Possible deviations from a one-to-one binding mode
  • The concentration required to saturate targets



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