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Additional detectors

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Make LigandTracer Green even more versatile with additional detectors

LigandTracer is designed to be flexible to enable numerous applications and experimental settings. With LigandTracer Green, we have pushed this even further by making detectors interchangeable. This way, you can adapt the instrument to the fluorophores you are familiar with or expand your instrument usage by keeping different models available at your facility. Swap the detectors within seconds without the need of tools or prior knowledge.

We are currently offering three detector models, chosen to cover many of the most common fluorophores of the market. New detectors may however be developed in the future and we are more than happy to get your input on which fluorophores you want us to cover.


Key features

  • Expand your use of LigandTracer Green
  • Easy to install - no tools required
  • All models compatible with all generations of LigandTracer Green

Technical specifications


  • Blue – Green: 488 nm (ex) – 535 nm (em)
  • Orange – Red: 590 nm (ex) – 632 nm (em)
  • Red – NIR: 632 nm (ex) – 670 nm (em)