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Extract kinetic rate constants and affinity values from your real-time binding data with TraceDrawer

TraceDrawer is a powerful and versatile evaluation tool for real-time interaction data. The most common usage is to perform kinetic analysis of time resolved binding curves. This analysis fits a theoretical description of the binding to the measured binding curves and provides the rate constants of the interaction, its affinity and the signal when all binding sites are saturated.

With the much-appreciated drag and drop functionality, data comparison, and global analysis of hand-picked data; data processing becomes easier than ever.

Additionally, our software provides an extensive toolbox to select and correct data to improve its quality. TraceDrawer further has the ability to estimate the affinity or EC50 based on equilibrium binding signals, the binding characteristics of competing binders, and active ligand concentrations.

After you’re satisfied with your data, you can export high quality publication ready graphs directly as an image file.

TraceDrawer is compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 10.


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Key features

  • Estimate kinetic constants and the affinity
  • Compare curves from different runs
  • Post-process your curves
  • Choose between many kinetic models
  • Characterize competing molecules
  • Create publishable figures