Ridgeview Instruments supports A23 lab in their Covid-19 testing

We at Ridgeview are proud to announce that we have supported A23 Lab in, within minimum time, changing their work routines to handle large scale Covid-19 testing. Until a few weeks ago, the clinical laboratory worked with prostate cancer screening, using a self-developed multi-parameter test. Now, A23 Lab is an official partner of the Swedish Public Health Agency for Covid-19 testing. They will use a method similar to that used in their regular prostate cancer assay, making it possible to determine if a person carries the Corona virus within 3-6 hours.

Besides extensive work to set up the new procedures, in the lab as well as with data infrastructure, Ridgeview Instruments will continue providing A23 Lab with trained staff to ensure that they reach their daily goal of 10 000 Covid-19 tests.

Read more here  (in Swedish).