PET Scan image of whole body Comparison Sagittal, Axial and Coro

The Elusive Link Between Cancer FDG Uptake and Glycolytic Flux Explains the Preserved Diagnostic Accuracy of PET/CT in Diabetes

Cossu V, Bauckneht M, Bruno S, Orengo AM, Emionite L, Balza E, Castellani P, Piccioli P, Miceli A. Raffa S, Borra A, Donegani MI, Carlone S, Morbelli S, Ravera S, Sambuceti G, Marini C.

Transl Oncol. 2020. 13(5):100752.


The competition between unlabeled 18F-FDG and glucose or 2-deoxyglucose in breast (4 T1) or colon (CT26) cancer cells was estimated in vitro with LigandTracer White.  The effect of metformin on FDG uptake was also evaluated.