What can we do to help in these unprecedented circumstances?

Everyone is affected by the Covid-19 outbreak and we wish to contribute in finding a solution. Therefore, we are now offering a free of charge loan of LigandTracer for anyone working with Covid-19 research who could benefit from our instruments (time-restricted, limited number of instruments available).

Real-time binding assays on live cells can provide crucial insight on the binding kinetics and mechanism on the interaction between virus and cells or in the characterization of available and new drugs. Our protein-protein application can be valuable when finding new methods for testing antibody response, and when aiming for RNA or DNA based vaccines a lipid nanoparticle approach may be the best strategy.

Please contact us if you are interested in using LigandTracer for your research. Just as usual, our team is available to support current and new users and are happy to help via email, phone or online meetings.

Read our announcement here.

Together we can fight this outbreak!